our Services
  1. Pre-Production
    Storyboards and Outlines! We sit down with you one-on-one to talk about your concept! In the pre-production phase, we will plan out all the fine details of location, equipment, and etc. to make your collaboration with us unique and true to you.
  2. Production
    Lights! Camera! Action! Ready for the big day of shooting? The day you've been waiting for is here. In the production phase, all the little details come together for a shoot that could last two to six hours depending on the project.
  3. Post-Production
    The Final Push! Stay close to us and wait for an email of a rough cut! In the Post-Production phase, our talented team of editors will compose a well-constructed final video. Once it's done, the video will be published online!
Previously known as MLauProductions, this company rebranded itself as Ukkei Entertainment in 2017. Founded by Megan Lau in 2010, she no longer desired to have the company named after herself. Therefore, she stuck to her Chinese roots and changed "MLauProductions" to "Ukkei Entertainment." In Cantonese, "uk-kei" means "house/home." Ukkei Entertainment hopes to serve as a house to foster entertainment of all kinds - ranging from music to short films and everything in between.

Megan Lau grew up in Martinez, CA and found a knack for film during middle school. She began by creating public service announcements for the school's daily video announcements and eventually ventured into short films. During high school, an exposure to musically talented friends and classmates introduced her to creating music videos and covers. Megan found the feedback from these videos inspiring, which drove her incentive to keep publishing content that promoted art.

Ever since graduating Alhambra High School '15, Megan found it hard to juggle adapting to college at Loyola Marymount University and consistently creating content on her channel. After a year of establishing connections and footing, she decided to pursue her New Years Resolution of creating more online content. This was how Ukkei Entertainment started. After 1.5 years of college, Megan was able to find talented directors, cinematographers, sound designers, and editors to join the Ukkei team. Many members, including Megan, coincidentally are part of Delta Kappa Alpha - the Cinematic Arts Fraternity and studying Film & TV Production at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.

Each member believes in the mission of Ukkei Entertainment, which is to support artists by producing videos allowing them to deepen their creative abilities. Most local talents need a platform or a team of creators to give them the internet presence they have been looking for. Ukkei Entertainment strives to provide precisely that.
PSA: Inappropriate Attire (May 2010)
This video was created in Martinez Junior High School's Digital Media class with Mr. Santiago. Filmed on a Flip Mino with Megan's group of friends, you could say that this silly video started it all.